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Dolphin and Snorkeling Tour

Antique Oman welcome you to explore the mesmerizing treasures of Oman’s enchanted shoreline.

Timing: 10am to 13pm

Price: OMR 20 Per person

Price including hotel pickup and drop: 25 OMR per person

Inclusions: Soft drinks ,Water, Snorkel Gear

Children below 12 years are half price and below 5 years are free.

First experience the power, grace, and speed of the dolphins in their natural environment – a truly amazing and a spectacular sight to see!!

Our Captain will help you to identify the different type of dolphins, most often there are seen the acrobatic spinner, the powerful bottlenose, and the common dolphin. Even if we are very successful in recovering dolphins there is no guarantee.

After watching the dolphins we offer you the possibility to do snorkeling for 1 hour around the stunning bay Bandar Khiran. Oman surely ranks amongst the best snorkeling destinations in the world.

You can experience the dazzling underwater world like for example snorkel with turtles… If you haven’t already done it give it a try – you’ll love the new world beneath the water & it gives you a truly memorable snorkeling adventure!

Whale and Dolphin tour Oman aids you to discover the escapades of this Arabian land in vibrant colors. It will be a timeless experience for your family to try our elite Dolphin watching Oman trip which packs up the creative soul of sea adventure. The common types of Dolphins found in this area include Spinner dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and 21 diverse kinds of dolphins.

The sparkling waters around Muscat are packed with all-embracing rich marine life and dolphins are habitually an accustomed sight in this area. Dolphins pave way for a memorable holiday in Muscat with catchy gestures and swim around in quest of sardines, mackerels, and tuna. A pool of dolphin is a splendid scene that buzzes spectators.

We operating Dolphin Watching tour Every Day

  • Hotel pickup & drop
  • Soft drinks
  • Water
  • Snorkeling Gears
  • Sun Cream
  • Swimming Clothes
  • Food